Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I hope y'all aren't too tired of the temple pictures, because I do have to post a few more...  These are all images of temples inside Chiang Mai, which we had neglected until the last day before we had to turn in the motorbike....

There was a sign at this temple explaining that the monks were reciting their disciplinary rules, and visitors were to give them their space.

I believe this temple dates to the 13th century.  Super cute elephants!

There is a cute story behind this monk, whose prior handsomeness caused too much conflict in his community, and thus he "changed himself into a fat, ugly-looking monk", according to the sign at the temple.

I'm not sure this is correctly translated...

I don't know exactly what this artwork represents, but the technique is stunning.

Flowers 'n pagoda.

Old base, new top portion.

This is very sweet!  I wish I knew who these figures were...

Not entirely sure who this is, but it is beautiful work...

The king of Thailand, when he was a young monk.

Harold gets contemplative outside of a temple where we have just had the impromptu opportunity to help a young monk with his (incredibly advanced!) English homework.

Well, readers, we are headed to the good ol' PRC (People's Republic of China), and I hear some websites, including Blogger, are partially or completely blocked within Chinese territory.  Therefore, if I am unable to post about our time in China over the next two weeks while we are there, I will do so from the subsequent destination of Vietnam.  Until next time, and may your days be blessed :)

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