Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Did they forget about their blog?"

Nope!  We'll definitely post more photos 'n commentary regarding our four-month stay in Mexico, last week's move to British Columbia as permanent residents of Canada, our upcoming travel plans, and countless unforeseen topics.  So stay tuned for more from Los Globesters!

Friday, August 3, 2012

 This "Grandma Mermaid" as my niece refers to her, is an artisan pinata created by a family friend especially for her birthday party Saturday.  Deemed too elaborate to fill with candy and break, she will preside over the festivities as other pinatas with less decorative value are ruptured.
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Couch Surfing

Hosting Couch Surfers= fun overload :)  Thanks to this ingenious social networking/travel/accommodation website, we have made new friends from Finland and Belgium, and were able to enjoy our adventures even more!  I highly recommend checking it out to see how you might get involved....

 Niece n' a laundry basket!

Bathroom of the week

 This makes me laugh :)
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