Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo of the day

Hey, y'all!  Thanks for continuing (or beginning) to check our little ol' blog, and we hope you are enjoying the updates.  This is our first time traveling so quickly from place to place, since in the past we have generally picked a place to live and traveled around the area from a home base... However, switching countries every week or so, it is easier to see the obvious differences in character from place to place, i.e. the charming eccentricities and abundance of cultural offerings in London, to the polished elegance, intellectual vibe and impressive societal organization of southwest Germany, to the sheer unfamiliarity, fascinating combination of cultural influences, and touching warmth of the people of Croatia, where we are currently having a delightful time with family in the coastal city of Split.  

Having learned practically nothing about eastern Europe in school, and not paying a heck of a lot of attention to the region as adults, we hadn't much of an idea what to expect when visiting Croatia.  We have been absolutely thrilled with the incredible landscapes, dynamic culture, and welcoming nature of the people.  Since this is, by far, our most challenging travel experience linguistically, I am finding that my attempts to decipher Croatian (which, thankfully, employs the Latin alphabet) are crowding out my English vocabulary, so I will stop typing and leave you with a photo from our stroll around Split today....

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