Friday, March 1, 2013

Los Globesters take off to London!

I incorporated packing into playing with my niece, who may have picked the best hiding place in the history of hide-and-seek.

Our Air Transat luggage tags.  This airline was quite impressive: nonstop flight to London, efficient boarding process, free entertainment, lots of good snacks and meals, and timely arrival!

Near our first guesthouse in the multicultural Wood Green area on the outskirts of London.

This is a classic.

Fried chicken is omnipresent, as exemplified by the "Tennessee Express". 

There is a really moist, heavy quality to the cold that not even my high-tech parka and hood can mitigate...  

No, I doubt Harold's ever tried the exotic "mezcal" or "tequila".  What's this they speak of?

Local electricity.

Marble Arch.

An interesting statue of a woman on horseback, with no apparent description.

Walking around these old buildings makes me feel like I'm in a history special on the BBC.

Natural History Museum.

Me and the mammoth.

Cherry blossoms already.  

The only Camaro we've seen so far.

A quaint flower stand in the Westminster area of London.

Crossing planes.

Walking to Buckingham Palace.

Harold blocks the Canada gate near Buckingham Palace.

We walked around for too long and made our way to Buckingham Palace after dark, but here it is!

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