Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Want to come and hang out in Oaxaca?

Some of you might be wondering when we are moving on to our next destination.  So are we.  You may be aware that we are applying for permanent residence in Canada, and our application is being processed in Mexico City, a six-hour drive from where we are staying in Oaxaca City.   This is a nice place to be stuck doing paperwork!  Don't mind if we do gallavant around, going to beaches, ruins, museums, meeting tons of people with interesting perspectives on life, eating delicious food all the while, and gaining inspiration for our future.  And the exchange rate rocks!  Come and join us if you feel like taking a tropical vacation- we should be here for a couple more months.  Otherwise, keep following our blog to learn about our experiences in a country I am convinced is among the most dynamic, complex, and interesting in the world.

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