Saturday, April 14, 2012

Harold's return to the homeland: Oaxaca City, Mexico

A few moments from our first days in Oaxaca City after Harold's thirteen year absence......

Harold tries on a traditional coastal hat from Huahutla, Oaxaca, Mexico, as we present various gifts to the family and begin to catch up on the last 13 years of Harold's life.  How sweet is that face?

Harold's mom, Lupita, aunt Consuelo, dad Hugo.

Los hombres Avendano: Harold, uncle Ariel, cousin Brian, dad Hugo.

A gringo-ified Harold discussses travel with cousin Brian.

La guerita in the Oaxaca City Zocalo, where I slept on the street while backpacking ten years ago.

Harold discusses sound equipment and possible movie ideas with cousin Carlos.

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