Thursday, March 22, 2012

A's Caldwell Years come to a close....

I moved into the Caldwell building on 21st and Hawthorne in July 2007, the main reason being that I wanted a place of my own, however small, in which I could completely relax and be myself.  No more living as the third wheel in a house with a gerbil-breeding, garage-band hosting couple, or as the eighth roommate in a house filled with quirky characters like the aforementioned couple, the Mexican self-help book promoter, the reclusive video-game playing fellow UO grad, the consistently rancid-smelling young man who always wore a jacket emblazoned with the word "smegma", and the creepy 50-something dude who set up his fax machine and other office equipment in the living room, who eventually threatened the self-help lady's life....  Oh, and the (probably) coke-selling couple in the basement.

Having moved more than once a year since college, the 25 year-old me figured I would last maybe a year and a half, or the length of my nursing program, at this new residence.  A series of life events resulted in me spending the rest of my twenties in this studio apartment.  The perma-moldy, damp walls and creaky, charming 1920s hardwood floors of Caldwell apt 35 welcomed me home from long days spent in nursing school at OHSU, followed by evenings at the belly dance studio.  They saw me prepare for ill-fated dates, and heard my woeful reflections on my disappointing love life.  They hosted my parents and sister for family overnight visits, as well as gossip sessions with friends.  They watched as I conducted my first nursing job search, and observed my transition to a night-shift schedule.  They were there when I met my husband, H, in 2009 and they hosted my suegra, Lupita, when she arrived to prepare our wedding feast last summer.  Yes, you read that correctly.  My mother in law spent a week in our studio apartment with us.  

It's been two months now since we arrived to inhabit our friends, Laura and Michael's, basement.  We are now the creepy basement couple who has invaded their kitchen with our food preparation gadgets, but attempted to make up for it by pimping out the basement and making random improvements.  This has been a massive upgrade in living conditions for us.  No mold, much more space, and great company in the form of L and M, along with their two lovely lady pups, Pita and Pippa, who have provided some great photography material as we aim to become proficient at using our beautiful new DSLR and video cameras.  This is just one way we have structured our lives around our plan to take off on our gran viaje.

Dance party with sis, clad in some questionable loungewear, shortly after moving into the Caldwell.

One of many delicious meals prepared in the Caldwell's tiny kitchen.

H relaxing at the Caldwell, on the world's most uncomfortable couch.

Important realization:  ovens must be cleaned more than once every five years!  Who knew?  Otherwise, four rounds of toxic lye spray must be employed in order to obtain that squeaky-clean "give me back my cleaning deposit" look..... 
L and M's basement bathroom.  Part of our new home!

Our last moments with the world's most uncomfortable couch. What it lacks in comfort, in makes up for in looks!  An enhancement to many decor motifs.  

Our new bedroom, in which we placed our coffee table, just like in the studio apartment!  Old habits die hard.

Pita's jumping skills.

Pippa's cuteness.

Goodbye, Caldwell # 35!  May you bring your next inhabitants as many blessings as you have brought us!

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